Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to support leaders and teams working on exceptional sustainability projects and ventures in construction and the built environment, to transform beyond high performing teams to high value creating teams, who can have massive impacts in their organisation, their industry and the world.

Through developing excellent leadership, the companies we support will attract & retain the most talented and effective leaders and co-workers.

About Us

We are coaches with a strong track record in sustainability projects & project management in construction. We’ve been project managing and coaching to reduce environmental impact for over 20 years. Now we are applying all that experience to help you succeed with your projects & accelerate your efforts. Unlock your potential and tap into the full potential of your teams. There is no time to waste.

Steven Knight's Coaching Journey

Steven founded ‘Project Leaders Coach’ in 2023, but has been coaching since 2005. He has a track record of delivering transformative individual and team coaching in a programme and project context.

Qualified as a Leadership Coach, Chartered Construction Project Manager and Project Director with an
extensive background in sustainability in construction.

Steven’s coaching journey began when working on secondment to a national UK charity in 2005.
He set up a coaching programme which was rolled out to 15 regional offices and provided coach
training to around 150 staff and integrated organisational partners over a 2-year period. The
coaching programme was based on the McKinsey Model at the time and received excellent reviews,
with many participants describing it as ‘Life Changing’ and ‘Transformative’. It helped the
organisation grow in 3 years from 45 to 150 staff.

In the following years, he continued coaching, through integrating the practices into his roles as
Project Manager/Director and Consultant and was specifically recognised for successfully supporting
individuals and award-winning teams through major changes towards more sustainable

In 2022, Steven decided to start the transition to full-time coaching, to specialise in Coaching Project
Leaders, where there was so much untapped potential. He attended the Human Technics coach
training, to study for the Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching (independently accredited by
the University of West of England (UWE) at Masters level and awarding Masters Credits). This study
programme is also accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management at level 7, and by the
ICF (International Coach Federation) and after as a CCE (Continuing Coach Education) Programme.

Steven continues to study, learn from experience and continually adds new insights, materials and
knowledge to his coaching approach and courses. Steven is currently studying Systemic Coaching with Prof. Peter Hawkins and Dr Catherine Carr and integrating these principles into his coaching with individuals and teams.

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