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Systemic Team Coaching

Partnering with you to make the shift from high performing teams to high value creating teams to benefit all stakeholders.


Steven's coaching helped me focus and develop a plan for my new food business. The sessions helped organise my thoughts and plans into something that could be worked on and prioritise the correct actions. He helped me develop my ideas on creating a food factory to produce my vegan meat products. Stevens coaching effectively helped get the business concept off the ground by asking the right questions and encouraging me in the right direction. Without his coaching the business would be much further away from becoming a reality.
Freddie Hewett
Founder Stag Coffee, Britalians, El Ciervo Tex-Mex
We had a number of urgent issues to resolve on a critical programme with several dependent projects. There were delays, resource issues and costs were escalating. I think Steven must have used all the coaching skills in the book, to support us and help us find a way forward. We retained staff who were wanting to leave, reduced delays and got the programme back on track. Our only regret is not hiring Steven earlier.
Project Sponsor
Manufacturing Operations
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