Coaching for Project Managers

Why hire a coach to support your Project Teams and Leaders?

(+)   A coach works with the Project Manager and key project team members, to support, guide and coach them to achieve higher performance individually and as a team.

(+)   A higher performing team leads to better results – saving costs and delivering improved programme dates.

(+)   Projects that are complex in nature and high pressure in terms of stakeholder expectations will benefit most from expert coaching, to help the project team focus on the most critical issues and take timely, appropriate action.

(+)   Coaching can significantly increase the speed at which critical decisions are made.

(+)   Our coaches are also experienced project managers, so we understand the demands and responsibilities of the project team roles.

(+)   Systemic coaching takes teams beyond High Performing to High Value Creating Teams for their projects, organisation, sector and wider society.

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